Job ZakZak


What is JobZakZak

JobZakZak is Job-hunting activity management service.
Job hunting activity involves applying to dozens of companies and each application process lasts from several weeks to several months with many steps. These steps have a lot of details that need to be tracked off such as interview dates, cv/resumes, application documents, memos and more. JobZakZak helps you to keep everything organized in a clean and effective manner.

What does Zakzak mean

The name "ZakZak" is derived from the Japanese word "ざくざく" (zakuzaku) which means to "come in abundance", reflecting the platform's mission to enabling users to get abundant job offers.

The team behind JobZakZak

JobZakZak is the brainchild of us, two driven individuals, who identified a need for a more efficient and effective job hunting process during our own job-hunting journeys.
Yes, We're not some faceless corporation with million-dollar marketing budgets. We're simply two passionate developers based in Japan who poured our blood, sweat, and personal savings into building something better.

Core Values

Our core values are being transparent and having a dignity.
We don't track our users, nor sell their data. When users delete their account, all of their data is deleted immediately and permanently.

Future plans

Currently JobZakZak is in a preview mode and only available in desktop version.
Adding features such as a creating mobile version of JobZakZak, integrating AI, supporting other lanaguges and many more features is already planned and these features are coming soon.

How or Why is JobZakZak Free

Currently JobZakZak is being financially supported by our personal savings. We are ordinary inviduals. We don't have deep pockets. However, running and maintaining the platform cost money. Therefore, at some point in the future, JobZakZak should begin to generate income to cover its bills, otherwise our savings won't be enough to keep it running.
There are two ways of generating income: advertisement and subscription.
1. Advertisement model
2. Subscription model
Advertisement model conflicts with our core values since it includes tracking our users. Besides, intrusive ads greatly ruin user experience. We don't want that.
For this reason, we have chosen Subscription model. After certain period, JobZakZak will transition to Subscription based model to generate income.

Contact Us

For further questions, inquires or feature requests, you can message us on X (formerly twitter): @JobZakZak

Or send us email.